This visual was created to celebrate the life of someone we loved unconditionally and to bring more attention to opioid addiction, because it can happen to anyone.

No matter how many laughs and memories are created, there can still be hidden internal conflicts within addicts that take control over every part of that person.

A cry for help can come through in many forms and still be hard to grasp before it's too late. We have to support our loved ones and work on reading the signs better, paying more attention to the details that are clearly screaming at us.

Addiction cannot be seen on the surface but that does not mean it isn't present or powerful. It is a nightmare that lurks among a number of millennial lives, tearing apart families. It only takes one time for someone to slip into a wave of darkness, addiction can consume you in ways that are unthinkable.

It is our mission to spread awareness and become more educated on this tragic epidemic that is killing our beautiful young people. If you believe that you or someone you know is spiraling down a dark path, take action and get the help that is needed even if it isn't easy to ask!

Call. 1-888-633-3239